Society is in need of a safer and more comfortable sporting environment, not only for competitive sports, but also for recreational sports that are currently very popular. Such a rapid social change needs practical experts as well as comprehensive training and education concerning prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation from sports injuries. Kinesiotherapy is gaining more attention as a treatment for lifestyle-related diseases that are becoming more relevant as our society ages.

This special study course consists of four study fields (basic sports medicine, sports medicine in life stages, sports medicine for high performance, and sports medicine for health and diseases). The course is delivered by instructors specializing in physical training science, medicine, and psychosomatic medicine. We train high-level professionals, such as sports doctors, for achieving better health management, improving sporting conditions, and preventing and rehabilitating from sports injuries. We train doctors engaged in prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and kinesiotherapy, and kinesiotherapists focused on preventive medicine.

1st April, 2018

Chairperson: Seiji Maeda, Ph.D.


Advanced Laboratory D,
Doctral Course in Sports Medicine,
Graduate School of Human Sciences,
University of Tsukuba
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba-city
Ibaraki, 305-8577

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