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田中 喜代次 (Kiyoji Tanaka, PhD, FACSM)    

筑波大学 体育系 名誉教授



「The relative role of selected physiological and morphological attributes to success in endurance performances」(1982.12)


田中喜代次, 林容市, 阿久津智美. 運動による中高齢者の生活機能向上支援の実際 中高齢者における運動機能の評価法. 臨床スポーツ医学 26(5): 595-599, 2009.

Tanaka K, Okura T, Shigematsu R, Nakata Y, Lee DJ, Wee SW, Yamabuki K. Target value of intraabdominal fat area for improving coronary heart disease risk factors. Obesity Research 12: 695-703, 2004.

Tanaka K, Sakai T, Nakamura Y, Umeda N, Lee DJ, Nakata Y, Hayashi Y, Akutsu T, Okura T, Yamabuki K. Health benefits associated with exercise habituation in older Japanese men. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research 16: 53-59, 2004.

田中喜代次, 中村容一, 坂井智明. ヒトの総合的QoL(quality of life)を良好に維持するための体育科学・スポーツ医学の役割. 体育学研究 49: 209-229, 2004.

<最近の主な学会発表 >

Effects of exercise, diet, and exercise + diet on metabolic syndrome and on vital age in response to weight loss in obese men and women. California State University, Northridge, 2011.4.13.


Intra-abdominal fat, coronary heart disease risk factors, and vital age in Japanese men and women. EPS Global Chongqing International Heart Congres. Chongqing, China, 2011.4.22-23.


Recommended lifestyle for successful aging among older adults. 2011 Physical Education & Recreation International Conference on Exercise, Health, Active Aging, and Strategy. Chi-Yi University, 2011.5.5-8.


Health benefits of SMART diet combined with aerobic exercise and acceleration training in obese women. 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition. Bangkok, 2011.6.5-8.


「中高齢患者の最大酸素摂取量測定の限界に伴う運動処方の曖昧さ : 健康支援vs健康反支援」第50回日本生体医工学会大会



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